The Norwegian Institute of Public Health does not recommend the use of face masks in Norway now. But if the situation changes, it may be necessary.

“If the epidemiological situation worsens significantly in a geographical area, the use of face masks as preventative measures should be reconsidered,” the Institute of Public Health wrote in the summary of a new review.

In the review, FHI emphasized that the World Health Organization (WHO) now encourages governments to recommend the use of  face masks and masks in certain circumstances.

At the same time, FHI stated that it will not recommend the use of  face masks in Norway in the current situation.

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YES! So supplies of simple basic “cloth masks” like the one shown above (and recommended for general use by our Center of Disease Control) should be made in quantity as soon as possible and everyone should have more than one so they can be laundered with soap after use – since soap dissolves/kills the virus so readily.

The TRIPLING of cases of the virus in the Oslo area is almost certainly due to its transmission on public transportation and via school children. Britain is FINALLY ordering everyone to facemask on buses, trains, etc., and Norway should do the same NOW to STAY AHEAD of the virus.

This was obvious from the first of the pandemic, especially from the early South China Morning Post article about the study of the spread of the virus on a bus. FHI should not have needed to wait for our CDC and the British to do this first. It should be desirable to be a LEADER in disease control … although thanks to Erna Solberg’s and Bent Høie’s and FHI’s early lockdown – in Britain they’re saying doing that just a week earlier could have saved 1000s of lives – Life/survival is TIMING – Norway *has* been a leader in this so far.

But also important … and being overlooked even in this beautiful weather … is VENTILATION: opening up windows and even doors to thin the “viral load”/density of this fast, sneaky, contagious, and DEADLY aerial/respiratory virus.

Again, GOOD to see FHI now supporting facemasking, but better to implement it sooner than later … as with the lockdown.

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