At midnight Tuesday, 10,782 people were registered in this country with the Coronavirus. This is an increase of 139 cases in the last 24 hours.

In the last two days, the increase is by 171 cases. The increase, which is stronger than it has been lately, was already visible in the updated MSIS figures from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) by Monday afternoon, at the time was already showing an increase of 103.

Samples taken several days ago
– “Some laboratories are in great demand, and several of today’s reported cases have test dates from several days ago. The number of new reported cases in the last 24 hours is not the same as the number of newly diagnosed cases in the last 24 hours,” says department director Hilde Kløvstad at FHI in a comment to NTB.

Twelve patients are receiving treatment for the Coronavirus at Norwegian hospitals on Monday, of which one patient is on a respirator, according to figures from the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

264 Coronavirus deaths have been reported to the National Institute of Public Health on Monday. That number has been unchanged since 20 August.

Coronavirus reminders
On Monday, the National Institute of Public Health issued a ” Coronavirus reminder” to slow doctors.

Information posted on FHI’s website states that the health authorities lack crucial information about the spread of the Coronavirus in society because doctors are taking too much time in submitting the reports of infection.

Doctors must be quick to send a message to the national reporting system for infectious diseases (MSIS), reads the message.

Must report from the same day
– “In order to handle the pandemic with new and ongoing outbreaks in a good way, we are completely dependent on the doctors following the reporting obligation and quickly sending additional information in to the reporting system MSIS,” said director Helen Brandstorp at the analysis and society division in the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

– “We understand that everyday life is busy, but the data that is reported is used continuously in analyzes and evaluation of the infection situation both locally and nationally,” she added.

All doctors have a duty to report to the system. When they discover or suspect Covid-19 cases, they must report in writing to the National Institute of Public Health and the municipal doctor in the municipality where the infected person lives on the same day.

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